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Convert Magellan Roadmate GPS Navigation devices From Ball to “T-Slot” type socket mounts

Early Magellan Roadmate GPS devices used a “T-Slot” socket to mount the device to dashboard, windshield or cup holder. At some point in succeeding models the “T-Slot” mount was replaced with a “universal” 16mm ball mount that can accept a variety of cradles to which a variety of models can be attached.

When I recently replaced my original Roadmate 1440 with a Roadmate 5265 I expected to be able to continue to use my cupholder mount with the new device, but found the “T-Slot” had been eliminated. As a result I created an adapter that lets me use devices that use either type of mount without having to purchase cup mounts specific to each device. Unlike the windshield mount that is included with the device, the cupholder mount has the advantage of being easily moved from one vehicle to another.

We offer this simple 3D printed converter as a service to other Magellan Roadmate owners/users.


  Typical "T-Slot" Mount


Above: Converted to Ball Mount

using adapter.  Below: the converted mount with cradle for RM 5265 device


Three adapters are shown at left are 1) attached to reverse of 5265 cradle, 2) front view showing ball, 3) reverse view of adapter showing metal pin reinforcement of ball shaft.

NOTE: Cupholder "t-Slot" mount shown is not included and must be purchased separately. ONLY one single adapter is provided with this purchase.  Currently shipping only to USA Domestic Mail addresses.   Please contact us prior to ordering for all NON-US addresses.

Price with shipping

Have a 3D Printer?
The Mount available as a DIY 3D print project (STL file) for FREE at :

  • Thingiverse. OR

  • Cubify Design Feed.