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HS142F Air Intake Manifold Kit

Air Intake Manifold for HuaSheng HS-142F 4-cycle 49cc gas engine.

3D printed parts consist of ManifoldCollar3 to fit 3/4" PVC 90-degree Elbow to which a 35mm cone-type air filter can be attached.

REQUIRES: ManifoldFlange2 (included) as a spacer which mounts at carburetor venturi. The elbow with the flange & collar can then slip over loosened carburetor bolts. This allows the Air manifold tube with attached flange to be removed and installed without having to take out the carb bolts, gaskets and associated parts.

Prototype parts were used as-printed without any post-printing operations.  May also fit Honda GSH-50-Q. Usefulness of this kit depends on the application.  The flange & collar assembly is attached to the PVC elbow with "J. B. Weld" or similar epoxy glue.  International address orders need to check with us for shipping charges prior to placing order.

Provided as-is. User assumes any and all risks.

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Complete parts kit - at left.  You will need PVC Glue, & JB-Weld (or equiv.) and simple hand tools to complete.

Assembled intake w/o filter - shown below.

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