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Angle Units:
'D' - Transfer Case Angle Compliment:
(90 - Xfer Angle)

'E' - Transfer Case Angle (readonly)
Driveshaft Length:
'C' - Level Height Difference between
Rear Pinion and Transfer Case
Output Shafts:
'E' - Rear Pinion Angle:
'B' - Distance between
Transfer Case and
Rear Pinion:
'A' - Angle:

Driveshaft Angle Estimator


Enter values three of the variables (lengths, height, or angles) of the triangle and the other three values will be computed. The number of significant values entered will determine the number of significant figures in the results. This calculator assumes that the pinion and output yokes are parallel.

Example-1: If center of pinion shaft is 5.00" below the center of the transfer case's rear output shaft ('C') and the length of the Drive shaft is 19" and the pinion yoke and rear output yoke are parallel (forming a 90-degree angle at 'A') then the pinion angle is estimated to be 15.3-Degrees.

Example-2: If you measure the pinion/transfer case height ofset ('C') to be 6.0" and the distance between them ('B') to be 17.75" assuming 'A' is a 90-degree angle because the shafts are parallel then the pinion angle will be found to be about 19-degrees.

This application, based on the original "Triangle Calculator" - written by Stephen Ostermiller, is EXPERIMENTAL. It may be useful in visualizing how changes such as indexing the transfer case to reduce the pinion to transfer case height offset, may affect pinion angles. You can and should plug the values estimated back into a "real" vehicle to verify the closeness and suitability for your purposes.

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Driveshaft Angle Extimator Application by RDFoerster Software, Sept 10, 2010

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